spice it up

The food we eat have an effect on us and our well being. Some people tend to use spices when cooking.

Therefore, it can be said that the kind of spices and herbs that one use have an effect on their well being as well. It is important to know the difference in spices and also the effect they might have on an individual.

It can be argued that the kind of food one eats has an effect on their mood, therefore one should be mindful of what they eat and the ingredients used.

Some people have allergies, and as a result they have allergic reactions after having a meal cooked with spices  that they should not eat.  

Spices have the most influence to the food, starting from the taste to the colour and the smell.  

However not every spice is good for everyone’s consumption; Therefore it is important to know different types of spices that are said to be healthy. An awareness on spices and herbs has to be provided openly for everyone.

There are  different spices that are healthy and in most cases good for the consumption of different people.

Although the type of spices people use depend on the meals that they are preparing and what they classify as. This means that a vegan and a meatatarian can not use spices in the same way.

However there are herbs as well, some people might prefer using herbs since they can be said to be more healthier than spices.  

Although a combination of both herbs and spices is always considered to be good, tasty and balanced.

The two does not only make the food tasty but helps in fighting inflammation, preventing heart diseases, lowering sugar levels and reducing damage to body cells.


From the first day I was responsible of what I eat, I have never opted for healthy food. That all changed when I found a friend who is always in the kitchen. Food became one of the most discussed topics for us. I am learning more about her food and what actually drives her to cook and I am loving it. " you are what you eat", she says. Well at the age of 20, I then decide to learn more about food and the beauty behind preparing a meal.

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